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Blender 2.8 Released

Blender has released its new version 2.8 which is being loved by many designers all around the globe. Its new Interface has brought in many new animators and designers onboard. Below are some new features which Blender 2.8 has brought to…

Nintendo Switch Lite Released

Nintendo Switch Lite has just been released at the GamesCon 2019. This small device is capable of playing all the new and old Nintendo games. All the games which ran on Nintendo Switch would run on this. Although this is only…

Unity 2019.2 Released

New version of Unity has arrived. Check out all the new features it has to offer. To name them few here are some of the features which we have been using from it. Probuilder 4.0 Polybrush Shader Graph with colour modes…

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro And iPhone 11 Pro Max Released

Finally the wait is over!!! Apple recently launched three new iPhones this year which are iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Here’s what you get from new iPhones as you try to decide which iphone fits your needs,…

Dragon Little Fighters 2

Dragon Little Fighters 2 – Heroes Reveal

Releasing soon in November. These are the main Playable heroes in your team. They have got each other’s back in times of grave danger!! Stay tuned for more updates on Dragon Little Fighters 2.

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Dragon Little Fighters 2

November 1 - 5, 2019
Dragon Little Fighters 2 (Beta)

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Dragon Little FIghters 2

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