WWE 2K19 REVIEW New_bluecreazione

I have been Watching WWE since my childhood and after that playing WWE game on PS4 is such a wonderful experience and it recalls all my childhood memories with WWE and all the WWE superstars.


Playing WWE 2k19 is like you are watching a WWE on Television, in other words this game is so realistic and Simulation of WWE superstars are awesome.

The main highlight of 2k19 is the career mode in which the story begins with the selection of wrestler in WWE, till he/she becomes WWE champion. and all the locker room discussions between wrestlers and the backstage fights are the new showcase and main highlights of 2k19.

As compared to 2k18,improvement in 2k19 is more and game become more realistic but 2k19 still has some issue like identifying the wrestler in gameplay mode and direction of wrestlers won’t change while playing and game hangs more while playing Royal rumble match , ladder match. Also sometimes camera angle during gameplay is struck.

But still WWE 2k19 is the best game so far and i hope bugs and issues while playing 2k19 will be resolve in the next edition of WWE game.i.e 2k20 which is recently released.

Check out Austin Creed play his Career in WWE2k19!