Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

Game is a masterpiece, just so perfect to play on Nintendo Switch!


I have always looked up to Link as one of the strongest Anime character in games. All the earlier Zelda games have been super fun. They all have been unique in their own way. But this one takes the game to completely another level. It felt like Nintendo broke through their traditional shell of Puzzle oriented games to a whole new tradition of visually fantastically beautiful game. I came across this game along side Nintendo Switch. I am pretty much sure every Switch they sold has this Zelda game on it.

The reason I call it a masterpiece is because of the Top Quality graphics on a Hand Held gaming console. The graphics and the quality of shaders rival to all the major consoles like PS4 and XBox One. The graphics are just the right amount of cartoonish for every age group to feel the gameplay.

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Gameplay is so fun that you will keep playing the game all day without feeling bored! So much to do in the open world that Nintendo created. The monsters are huge. Link looks like a real Hero every time he is fighting them. Story gives you a sense of eagerness and excitement to reach the end of it.

The most exciting thing in the whole game was the Bike which you get! It’s just so amazing to roam around the open world. And yes bike also run on fuel. So every time you use it you will be reminded to refuel.

A fan or not, if you are in for some serious gaming then definitely go for this game. Buy a Switch only to play this game! As of now you can also play it on Nintendo Switch Lite!

Official gameplay by Nintendo! Courtesy Nintendo

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