Fruit Slashing Ninja

Come join the Ninja as he steps in his dream world of Fruits and traps. Neo the cool Ninja is stuck in this never ending Fruity nightmare. This Fruit Slashing ninja is being attacked by different types of fruits. To make this interesting every fruit has special points. This is not your normal Fruit slashing game. 

Dragon Little Fighters 2

Dragon Little Fighters 2 IOS

Dragon Little Fighters 2 is Remake of our 2d classic game. This is a comic style story telling action adventure game. You can play along side friends by connecting Joystick to your iPhone, iPad. Unlock more fighters along the way. Dragon little fighters will always be a fantasy fight game. Play with Strategy and command your team as well just like the first game.

Samurai Fighter – Warrior of Usuki

Samurai Fighter game is based on a legendary super warrior. A Powerful girl who never feared to fight. This is an Open World game. You are the Samurai. You can slash, cut, blow up almost anything in the world.

Dragon Little Fighters : Street Fighting

Dragon Little Fighters is a super street fighting game. Leave a review soon after you played. 
We will definitely work on the game to make it better.

Parkour Runner Bart Freestyle

Bart welcomes you to his New York city. New York is his birth place.
He is a naughty kid who likes to steal toys from the Toy Shops. This time the cops catches him in Action

Dragon Kombat

Experience over-the-top arcade fighting of Dragon Kombat!
We bring the power of arcade fight game to mobile device with similar controls and actions.  

Kung Fu Street Fight Boxing

Play this super awesome Arcade style fighting game.
There are 5 Fighters from which you can choose. They all have ki attacks. 
Fight against the difficult computer players.

Super Bike Racing Burnout

How about we say this game is a different type of traffic racer. Before we go into the details, don’t forget to come back here and leave a review for the game. .

The Super Surfers 3D

The Super Surfer was going home to Earth from Mars. Her space ship was low on fuel. Before she could re-fill her space ship a big Mother ship of some alien species teleported her to a distinct galaxy called Nebula.


This is a unique Racing game. With real hot pursuit of cops this game will bring in all the excitement of hot pursuit of cops and you taking down other Racers. 
Only this time your car will be given power weapons. 

Gbas gbos

A Match Fruit Puzzle Game developed for iSabiPlay Games
A 2.5 D game that was developed in Unity 3d
More levels to come for this fun game with a Nigerian Touch .



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