Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Sharp cutting edge game, worth remembering when it comes to Sword Combat!


After playing Metal Gear Solid : Guns of Patriot I was thrilled to check out this title from Konami. Although not fully produced by Kojima, the game felt like Metal Gear. I played this game later back in the days of PS3, 5 Years ago.

The graphics of the game felt similar to its earlier Predecessor. But the sword action just made the game feel really fast and super fun. Graphics looked really cool till the end. Every cinematic was well written and greatly designed and animated. Raiden was perfect Cyborg for this game.

Like I said the game is Sharp Cutting edge. That being said, it literally is a cutting edge game. You will feel like you were in the shoes of Raiden. Cutting through every possible enemies. Great Skills to unlock and learn. I feel I might have broken my controller because of this game. But who cares when its such a fun Hack and Slash Action.

There are many points in the game when Raiden enters a Slashing mode. In this mode you can literally cut through objects (Meshes) and see them fall apart in slow motion. Every Boss fight ends with Super Slashing. Just loved it.

Slash em up!

This game is for every Sword Combat enthusiast. While it’s still on PS3, and Steam we would suggest to try out this action game. I guess another version of this game won’t be coming around as Kojima has left Konami. And Metal Gear Solid games has now turned their attention towards Zombies!!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance gameplay by TheRadBrad

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