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School management system (Laravel) 822 834 New_bluecreazione

School management system (Laravel)

While creating the School management project for “The Isaac’s Pre Primary”, I had
to keep in mind that the website would be parent’s oriented.
Having worked with Teacher’s of a very reputed Educational institute in Pune
for 3 long years, where our Company was supposed to craft Educational content
for students. This gave me the exposure and better understanding
about how a teacher works hard for better growth of children.
I also got to understand from a student’s perspective as we had to create
e-learning videos which should be to the point and easy to grasp.

School management system - laravel, web development, web designing, laravel, fullstack, backend, frontend, login, admin panel

Laravel Website

Back to the website that I made . I have used front end responsive technologies for designing “the Isaac’s preprimary school” website pages in a more interactive way.

Data like Class name, Class time table , Syllabus , Events , Teacher list , Gallery photos are
fetched from database. A complete admission form has been given on the website.

This website is made in a very user friendly way for the Teachers, so that they can manage
data at one place The colors and images are kid-friendly and UI is made after lots of UX research
Keeping in mind, that the parents should also be aware of what activities are going on in the school,
the website has lots of details like weekly time-table, students syllabus, event information, and so on.

School management system - laravel, web development, web designing, laravel, fullstack

Web UI UX design

For more information or to get a website of your company, institute, organization,
do reach us on

You can also fill details on the contact page and we will get back to you.

iBloomVR for Autism coming soon on Google Play 1024 640 New_bluecreazione

iBloomVR for Autism coming soon on Google Play


After a long 1.5 Years of development and designing we are proud to bring you iBloomVR, the app which has also helped kids with Autism.

Blue Creazione has been working together with iBloomVR Pvt Ltd. since last 2 years. Entire team of iBloomVR has been on their toes to get the best experience for Autistic Kids.

iBloomVR will be released to all Android users between 23-25th December 2019. We will post more info and more details regarding iBloomVR Application soon.

To know more about how iBloomVR has been proven to work wonders on kids, check out its website.

Testimonials from our Valuable Clients 490 306 New_bluecreazione

Testimonials from our Valuable Clients

“The Blue Creazione team are professional, responsive, and fun to work with. They are technically adept at what they do and have helped us build Gaming Applications we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. They have delivered consistently strong work for the past 2 years and we consider them as an extension of our internal team.”
– Atul Shashikumar, Co-founder & COO at ScaleReal


“We were extremely satisfied with Blue Creazione, and especially Parini. Parini helped with our wedding Save the Dates – she was able to creatively turn our vision into reality and patiently address our comments while we were making up our minds. Thank you Parini! ”
– Trisha Mitra

” Very happy and satisfied with the animated card created and given shape to, as per our visualisation. ”
– Sarbani MITRA

“Your games have such cool graphics and the characters are great and the story it amazing its great for all age groups. ”
– AyrissaBindu S

” Have downloaded some games for my toddler and he loves it! Keep up the good work . ”
– Angana Chatterjee

” Connected with Parini to develop an animation which needed creating characters from scratch. She did a great job and didn’t mind iterating multiple times till a reasonably good video was ready. ”
– Nilesh Agrawal, Moneyable Educare LLP

” We are very happy with the quality of services delivered by Blue Creazione team. We were looking to localize our corporate video in a very strict timeline. We got in touch with Parini. She was prompt in her response and ensured we were on same page. Entire project was executed smoothly with zero hiccups and that also well before time!
Great work ”
– Angana Banerjee, Marketing Manager, SourcePro Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Fruit Slashing Ninja 490 306 New_bluecreazione

Fruit Slashing Ninja

Come join the Ninja as he steps in his dream world of Fruits and traps. Neo the cool Samurai warrior is stuck in this never ending Fruity nightmare. 

This Fruit Slashing ninja is being attacked by different types of fruits. To make this interesting every fruit has special points. 

You can see how this Hyper casual arcade game will easily be a sensation because of how easy it is to play.

Touch Hold – Roll Through

Tap 1 time – Jump

Tap 2 times – Blade Slash Slash Slash!🍉⚔️🍓

Experience the thrill of setting a new high score in this awesome Arcade style game. Focus on dodging, blade slashing, jumping to survive the most!. Cut and crush the fruits that come in your way

We plan to keep this Arcade game fully updated by adding more and more fruits and vegetables to crush. Neo will be in deep trouble when we launch a new update with Vegetables.

Become a master warrior of slicing with katana. What better way to do that than playing as this Fruity Samurai.

Our Neo is so sharp that he carries 2 Katana swords instead of 1.

Experience the thrill of high pace run and slashing the juicy fruits with a warrior’s blade. Use this katana to cut and crush. You can improve your skills as a master warrior by playing the role of a fruit slashing ninja in this Arcade fight game

Enjoy the cool graphics with fruity colors splashing and the neon colors in the background

Unsheathe that sword and unleash your Running and fight skills while you cut and crush Fruits and Vegetables!!

The game is divided in 3 modes. Depending on your score Samurai increases his speed, agility and aggressiveness.

Unlock 7 Awesome Avatars for your Ninja warrior. We plan to add more in future. 🏆

This Samurai will not stop at anything. There are traps, Fruit Man, Dropping Walls, Obstacles, and of course our dear old Fruits and Vegetables.

Fruit Man will fight , run and chase you if you trigger them.

There are many more things to discover in this awesome Hyper Casual Fight game.

The cool visual effects in this Arcade game make you addicted to this Fight game. Effects like dust while they run, cut slashing with sword and fruity splashes are super cool 

Crush and cut the juicy fruits and vegetables with help of Samurai tricks performed by our character Neo. He slits the fruits in deadly slash style while on the run. He jumps and moves in lightning fast speed. 

This game will work on mobiles with Ram higher than 200MB.

The only awesome objective is to become a master of slicing with a blade in your dream! 🍉🍓🍓🍉

Enjoy Fruity juiciness, Run and Slash em all up using your sharp Blade! ⚔️

Ninja slashing force!!!⚔️

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You can see how this Hyper casual game will easily be a sensation because how easy it is to play.

Dragon Kombat 490 306 New_bluecreazione

Dragon Kombat

Experience over-the-top arcade fighting with EXCITING ACTION AND ADVENTURE!

Super elite warriors of Dragon Kombat

Warriors of Dragon Kombat have great fighting styles which will be helpful to beat Rakshaz!
Choose your fighter and fight with ninja warriors from different battle levels.
This kung fu style, street fight game already has more than 1lac downloads.
You think you can beat a difficulty level above “Highest”! Guess what! We have one and its called “Insane”.

Join the Online battle by challenging other players by joining the Online Battle mode in the game

If you have a PS4 Joystick, you can play Multiplayer Mode. One player will play on Mobile and another on the joystick as demonstrated in Video

14 Dragon Kombat Fighters

All the fighters have Ninja skills and Powers. Every fighter is unique is his or her own way.

Biker gang leader, KRIO who has been a fighter in streets and have trained himself well in the art of Martial Arts and Kung Fu. Krio and Kold follow the most recognizable form of Fight style , that is Kung Fu. In this Fight game, Krio and Kold practice Kung fu fighting style.

LEEY is a ninja fighter. Considering Leey’s ability to fly and fight with supernatural skills
like a ninja. Leey , a Ninja Warrior will fight hard to kill all the enemies.

Ron is an Old but powerful Villager who strives to save his family from intruders on his farm.

Eve, Australian Cop who is willing to battle to save as many lives as possible.

Kold is brother of Krio. Kold and Krio will avenge their father’s death! They practice Kung fu together in the Dojo.

Dr. Sykoo, a Mad scientist who invented a machine to bring people from other dimension.

Rakshaz is a demon lord who is brought into this world to rule.

MOTU is an Afro-Brazilian Martial art, known as Capoeira
Motu is a healthy guy who likes to work in his cake shop!. Selling all Candys , Ice Creams and cakes. Motu is one of the famous Ice Cream shop owner. Motu loves to eat them all!

Demon lord who travels planet to planet in his space ship in search of powerful souls. Rakshaz has brutally murdered many innocent lives on Earth.

Game Features

Beam Struggle
Powers by every players can clash with the opponent’s Power. This will result in Beam Struggle!! The Faster you tap, the better chances of you to survive the Action!

Power Ki Blast
Every player has a super powerful Ki Blast. Keep an eye on your Power Level! Punches and kicks you throw will increase your Power Level.

Rage Mode
When your Rage gauge reaches half, your player will enter into Rage Mode which will double the speed of your warrior. And give you advantage for few seconds.

Online Battle
Train your fighter by fighting against other players online. The more wins you collect the more aggressive your fighter becomes!! At game launch you can fight with any fighter in the world who pops up in your top 10 list.

Survival Battle
Do you possess the power of ! Like Leey can you beat and reach highest in the Survival Battle? Go crazy in never ending difficulty increasing Survival Mode.

Arcade Mode
And lastly but mainly we have super awesome 5 difficulty settings Arcade Mode. Make yourself up to Insane to experience the raw power of CPU player.

Unlock Speed control in Options to speed up the Fight even more further!!!

Dragon Kombat features high quality as well as low quality visuals. You can set quality control from Options menu

It’s a Fantasy Street fight game. Super awesome Arcade game.
Dragon kombat Street Fighter’s Unite! Let the Fight Begin!
This Arcade game is unique as it has multiple players and levels to play with

Play the online version of the game to beat other players around the world

Desktop version of this game has Multiplayer on same device. Do check it out.

Follow us for the latest updates on this Street Fighting Game


Dragon Little Fighters 2 1024 473 New_bluecreazione

Dragon Little Fighters 2

Dragon Little Fighters 2 is Remake of our 2d classic game. This is a comic style story telling action adventure game. You can play along side friends by connecting Joystick to your iPhone, iPad. Unlock more fighters along the way. Dragon little fighters will always be a fantasy fight game. 

Little bit about the game. Krio and his friends were having a peaceful day in their calm and relatively quiet village of Evergreen. However, destiny had something else in mind for them. Krio, Donni, Jon and Tia are separated in this adventure story by some mysterious evil forces. Krio, the main Kung Fu battle hero who initially seemed to be a very simple boy was left behind since nobody thought he could pose any real danger and left him to be alone. Its up to you help Krio discover the powers hidden inside him to fight superhero style and help save his companions in the underlying anime story.

little fighters anime game fight action game unity 3d level designing

The heroes will have to do their best to beat these monsters in the Magical land of Allura, where enemies possess powerful magic spells. Unaware of their hidden powers, the superheroes come face to face with their foes. Would you lead them to victory, or leave them to succumb?

Play with Strategy and command your team as well just like the first game.

Top Action Games To Play (Hidden Gems) 800 450 New_bluecreazione

Top Action Games To Play (Hidden Gems)

Action games are one of the most popular games on any platform. Thousands of action games are published on daily basis, so sometimes some excellent games goes through under the radar, and they don’t get the appreciation from the users that they deserve, that is why we have created this list specifically to target those games, hopefully these games will keep you busy for the whole year.

Our very much loved multiplayer fight game was recently reviewed on
The game is Full of action, with each character carrying unique fighting style and powers
We keep updating the game with new characters on our players requests.
You can play the game here on IOS, Android.

Dragon Little Fighter 2 1024 450 New_bluecreazione

Dragon Little Fighter 2


Blue Creazione has finally released its new Anime Action RPG game. We are Thrilled to announce its release on App Store.

Dragon Little Fighters 2 is an Action RPG game. This game can be played in a story mode or a Co-Op mode with 2 players. We have designed this game to work with MFI controllers, so 1 player can play on Mobile and another can play on MFI controller.

The story and cinematic are similar to a Comic book art style. DLF2 has been made for people with an age of 12+. There is Fantasy Violence which doesn’t include Blood. Instead it has effects which will grow on you as you play the game and increase your Combat Level.

Combat Level will help unlock your special skills. You will be amazed to use specials like never before and throw away your enemies with all your power. Skill Tree will help you understand which Skill will be unlocked based on your Combat Level.

For the first time, you can actively Switch between your team members. This way you can personally be any unlocked hero at any given time of game. However it’s always a Team effort to win a Battle.

Dragon Little Fighters is now Free to play on Apple App Store. Soon to be released on Steam, Mac App Store, Google Play.
Dragon Little Fighters 2 Trailer


NPOT to POT Texture Converter 1024 450 New_bluecreazione

NPOT to POT Texture Converter

We had a lot of trouble creating POT textures from the very start of the project in Unity. It’s difficult to control over the sprites and textures sizes from the very start. Its for the same reason we have created a unique tool which would make your NPOT (non power of 2) image to a POT (power of 2) image. POT textures are images which are of the size 2×2, 4×4, 16×16, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 etc. If you use image in your project which is the size of Power of two, Unity, Unreal or any other engine will compress the image and store less size image in the Memory. Also its easier for the engines to process such images.
Many developers prefer using POT images for websites as well as they are of smaller foot print on the memory.

Check out our tool which can bulk convert your current images to a POT images. Our application uses closest technique to scale and adjust your image to make it POT. You can use the application for free.

Unity 2019.3 New Input System 1024 576 New_bluecreazione

Unity 2019.3 New Input System

New technology has dramatically changed how we play and consume media in recent years. Every new wave of technology also brings new devices along with specific control requirements.
Yesterday I installed latest 2019.3.0f1, in this version, Unity introduced new Input System in Preview packages. I feel it’s specifically for Controllers.
The new Input system is built from ground up with ease of use, consistency across platforms and flexibility in mind.

How to import new input system into project

To get started you will need to create a new Unity Project or open a project you want to add the new input system in. Navigate to the “Window” > “Package manager”. You will then need to select the “Advanced” menu and select “Show preview packages”. After click on import button, New input system will be successfully added into unity project. However you will need to restart Unity.

Add C# script for input system

Click on Project and select “Input system” from Drop down and rename it. After that, input system tab will open and Three fields are present which are Action Maps, Actions and Properties.
Add a new Action map and after that create new Action as per your game needs, then click on Binding. In Property Window you can select the binding path from Drop down or simply connect your game controller and click on listen and press the button you want to select for performing action.
After Adding all the Actions into Action map, select the file you created for Input system and in inspector select the Generate C# script. This will generate C# Script for you, you don’t need to write on this script. Now create new script to make use of this C# file. and define all the game actions into void Awake() method.

I am just write sample code for your reference.

ActionControl controls; // ActionControl is the C# file unity made for us.
void Awake()
controls = new ActionControl(); // Initialize
controls.Gameplay.Punch.performed += ctx => Punch();
// Gameplay is the ActionMap and Punch is the action. “ctx” is Context.
//performed is the type of event. It can also be cancelled. However we want to listen to Button Down so Performed is for us here.
void Punch()
{ //Anything you want to do when Punch Action is called.

Bug in New Input System

After Adding all the actions into action map and adding the script, I tested on two devices by connnecting my game controller to mobile using bluetooth.

After testing, result varied on different devices, in moto g5(s) plus, some of the actions are not performed as i defined in action map but in ASUS Zenfone max pro M1, actions are performed as defined and they are similar to what we observed on Windows 10. Controller we used was PS4 Controller.

So for now, I will wait before we update our current game’s input system to Unity’s input system. We still haven’t tested on IOS to see if the results are the same. That will be done shortly. If we find that IOS works similar to Windows then I guess it’s fair to say that New Input System works 90% of times. And definitely this new system seems clean and simple to implement. So everyone should try to see if their project needs this.

However, I hope Unity will resolve this bug in their future releases.

If you want help implementing New Input System in your project do let me know. We will be happy to help you out.