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Embracing the Digital Shift: The Transformative Benefits of E-Learning

E-learning that was limited to students once has expanded to a great level after covid. While E – learning Institutes scaled exponentially even before  Covid hit us, it was only since the Lockdown we actually took the path of  E – learning for different Courses including students who were forced to stay at home during the pandemic. This resulted in the learning management systems (LMS) and other digital tools that enable schools to continue instruction amid the cancellation of classes.

With this Cut-off Situation from Schools, Colleges and Office Situations,  adoption to e – learning came in smoothly for many of us and not only  students. 

This shift from Traditional Classrooms was not easy for many of us. While just before Covid we delivered Videos for Azam Campus, where Teachers weren’t really ready to transform their class to an Interactive one. They had to forcibly run schools through Online-learning when the pandemic took place. 

In this blog, I aim to outline the advantages of e-learning, as detailed in the following points


Flexibility and Accessibility
  • With E-learning a student or learner gets immense flexibility in terms of  location and time. They can access their online-course from anywhere in the world , at their fingertips. Learn & go through the curriculum at their Pace at convenient time
  • With easy access to Smartphones with 5G/4G connection available nowadays, it has become easy and affordable for people in remote areas to access their courses online. With India having limited facilities and jobs for  the Disabled, they get the flexibility of learning their choice of subject sitting at home.
  • The ability of tracking capabilities to analyze learner data and progress also gives the educators a good accessibility to understand the Learners speed and provide them feedback about what they can improve upon
A Wide Range of Resources
  • With Just one-click you get access to content in different varieties. There  are E-learning Articles, Webinars, Videos where constraints like time and  geographical locations do not matter. As per the Learning Styles that suits  ones needs a user can learn through Videos, Podcasts or Interactive  Simulations

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Custom E-learning Courses by Bylittle
Personalized Learning Experience
  • Over traditional classroom settings the most significant advantage of  E – learning is that the user can learn at their own pace and skip material / content which they already know well and focus on their weak areas.  Based on the learner’s interactions and achievements, some platforms after analyzing data of the learner, also adjusts the difficulty of the material in real-time


  • Since Covid, everyone has been focusing on Savings costs. The cost of Travel and maintaining Physical classrooms is saved by both Educators as well as the Learner. One time Investment in a yearly / monthly membership of the Online Course you are opting for, and you are ready to go. As Smart  phones are easily available & affordable nowadays
  • With Free videos available on Youtube , it has become really easy for  students who cannot afford the online courses .  Coursera, edX, Udemy, Google also provides some free courses


Listing the key benefits of e-learning:
  • Flexibility: Learners can access content at any time and from any location, fitting education into their schedule.
  • Personalization: E-learning adapts to individual learning styles and paces, offering personalized paths and resources.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It reduces the need for physical materials and infrastructure, lowering educational costs.
  • Scalability: Online platforms can serve a large number of learners simultaneously, making it easier to expand educational offerings.
  • Accessibility: Courses are available to a global audience, removing geographical barriers to education.
  • Interactivity: Engaging multimedia content and interactive exercises enhance the learning experience.
  • Immediate Feedback: Quizzes and assessments provide instant feedback, helping learners understand their progress.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Learning analytics allow for the monitoring of learner progress and the optimization of course content.
  • Community and Collaboration: Features like forums and group projects promote interaction and peer learning.
  • Up-to-Date Content: E-learning materials can be updated quickly to reflect the latest knowledge and trends.


Along With your professional and educational journey, you can focus on  your aspirations as E – learning gives the flexibility in terms of time and  geography

We at Blue Creazione started our journey with E – learning. And as I said  before the Teachers weren’t really ready to adapt this new technology. But  as Covid hit at the right time when we finished all videos for Grade 1 to 10. The teachers and students were lucky to have all the Videos handy at the  right time and place

You can watch our Youtube Channel here  youtube

or visit us on:

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The Art of Frame by Frame Animation 600 338 Parini Vyas

The Art of Frame by Frame Animation

When I hear the word Animation, first thing that comes to my mind is keyframes. . The mastery to animation is figuring out the keyframes and the in betweens. . So while today we have a lots of references available online to follow in order to get that animation correct, i still prefer the traditional way of acting out the animations, especially expressions. . Lots of animators still act out and then create their animations. 

With the technology advancing each and every day , there’s a lot that can be done to make the animation flow easier. . Nowadays you have Motion capture, Adobe Animate, and so on..

If you still love the traditional style of animation, where you animate and keyframe each and every frame and make it your style.  Be it 2d or 3d, Adobe After Effects or Blender, Spline or Maya.  The actual fun is getting and doing  things your way & the joy of the end-result is deeply satisfying . Its difficult to cover 2d and 3d Animation both in one blog. So instead we will be focusing on 2d animation today..

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2d animation as simple as it seems is used widely in different areas, There’s Typography,  Character Animations, Sprite sheet animation, Prop animations, etc and is spread in areas like E-learning, Games, Applications,  Product Videos, Motion Graphics, UI UX, Explainer Videos, etc

Looking at the points that are important in making an impressive animation for your Videos:


Character Animation

While making your Character come to life, you have to think about lots of things. Starting from the characters  if its male or female, kid or an adult, or even a human, an animal animation, lipsync, character expressions, mouth, lip sync, character design, adobe after effects, 2d animation, e-learning, kids learning, cartoon animationor a bird  if its personality is shy, bold, smart, introvert, calm, anxious, eager and so on.. Their body movements or body  language will depend on their personality. Their Persona would decide the facial expressions and their way of reacting to a situation. We also see those exaggerated animations  where we see Eyes popping, Eyebrows raising above the head, Wide smiles showing all the teeth inside that not so big  mouth. Well Wait..  There’s also another Creative way in Animation, where Characters are without eyes,nose or mouth, in such cases the  Expressions totally depend on Head Movement , nodding , and a little bit on the body movement, hand gestures. For example when  they are surprised , the Character would raise their hand and lean backwards, when in conversation they would move  back & forth and nod their head  in approval or disagreement

For Character animations, most of the Artists get reference from their surroundings, observing other people, or trying expressions or actions  in front of the mirror.

The best book to follow ”The Animator’s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams which guides you through  the basic bouncing ball animation to the technique of slowing in and slowing out  animations. From Keying to in betweens to make your animation smoother. Basic Walk cycles to exaggerated Walks and all sorts of other animations. There are also specific walks where hand swings and Weight shifts on different part of body has been given focus.

God..! I am so glad I am in this field  !!


Character Animation in a Story:


Props Animation


banking, motion graphics, animation, explainer video, character animation, props, 2d animation, social media ad, 2d ads, cartoon animation, adobe after effectsProp animations can be simple. Especially if it’s the objects in the background, like a table, lamp in the living room or a table & chair in a restaurant, by just popping/scaling some tiny objects in the Scene can be engaging for the viewer.  When it comes to Vehicles they can be given some exaggerated friction  while picking up speed or applying brakes .

Those props can also be a character riding a skateboard, holding a paper in hand  or wearing headphones. Animating those little things in the scene gives you the option of being a lot more creative with your video

Elements like Trees are animated in the Background:



Texts are an ideal way to put across your message as compared to Character or prop animations where there’s a storty to tell, Typography places the direct message in front of the viewer. With attractive colors and huge text which is easy to understand ,  eye catching fonts along with some Animations makes the Video even more attractive. Envato has amazing Typography elements for After Effects. Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion and so on. Text animations can also be used in Titles, Openers, and End Slides

Some references:


Shapes Animation


Compositing with shapes and solid colors helps in making smooth animations. They are very pleasing to the eyes. The shapes transform into any size and any shape which actually makes the effort of seamless animation simpler.  Mostly used for creating loop animation and also quite handy in UI UX icon animations. Shapes like Arrows/Lines  are used for transition from one scene to another, Show directions for maps, graphs, etc

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This is a rather Simplified version of animating with shapes and conveying message across the audience

Shapes Animation for Transition:

Ultimately however simple animation you are thinking of doing, the secret tip is to keep your references in a layer inside the software you are working on .. to get the best timing and that exaggerated motion you are looking for.. Good luck Animating !

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Adobe After Effects 17.0 Released 490 306 New_bluecreazione

Adobe After Effects 17.0 Released


Adobe After Effects recently released in November 2019 release version 17.0 with new features and multiple enhancements.

Highlights below:

  • Preview and Playback performance improvements:
    • This release comes with threading improvements. With GPU accelerated display, we can achieve clearer and performant rendering than previous versions.
  • Content-Aware Fill for video:
    • Remove unwanted objects from video faster and reduce memory usage.
  • Shape Improvements:
    • This release comes with performance improvements when working with shape layers. Now we can right-click to group and ungroup shape layers using add drop down menu. Additionally, select multiple shapes in the timeline panel with single right-click.
  • Enhanced EXR Workflows:
    • This release comes with a faster compositing process and improved setup process via importing EXR files. Working with large files is more performant than previous versions.
  • Cinema 4D Lite R21 and New Cineware render
    • When we install After Effects, installer installs ‘Maxon cinema 4D R21’ and creates folder in application’s location. For rendering After Effects with Cineware account is not needed.
  • Text Style Expressions:
    • We can now directly access new text property option and we can set text style properties using Expressions.
Adobe @ Blue Creazione New_bluecreazione

Adobe @ Blue Creazione

When you are designing something, there is always a scope of improvement. Its not that you are not good at it. That actually means that you are learning something new each and every time

“Have no fear of perfection — you’ll never reach it. ” Salvador Dali, artist

Art and Animation that go hand in hand are supported by ultimate softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects . Where in Illustrator , you can use the puppet wrap tool to create animations, in AE you have the puppet tool . Photoshop is best for shading and art and gifs and what not.

At Blue Creazione, we use Photoshop and the famous Wacom Tablet to Design characters, Levels and Icons for games. From UI Designing to App Icons , we use photoshop for our day to day designing.

For our latest game, we have designed all the stages in Photoshop