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NPOT to POT Texture Converter

We had a lot of trouble creating POT textures from the very start of the project in Unity. It’s difficult to control over the sprites and textures sizes from the very start. Its for the same reason we have created a unique tool which would make your NPOT (non power of 2) image to a POT (power of 2) image. POT textures are images which are of the size 2×2, 4×4, 16×16, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 etc. If you use image in your project which is the size of Power of two, Unity, Unreal or any other engine will compress the image and store less size image in the Memory. Also its easier for the engines to process such images.
Many developers prefer using POT images for websites as well as they are of smaller foot print on the memory.

Check out our tool which can bulk convert your current images to a POT images. Our application uses closest technique to scale and adjust your image to make it POT. You can use the application for free.

The last of us – Part 2 150 150 New_bluecreazione

The last of us – Part 2

Last of us franchise has been a fascinating one for all the game enthusiasts. The last of us game has been well known for its Cinematics and Dynamic story telling through out the game. Following the same style, Naughty Dogs have pushed their boundaries to the very edge.

The Last of us part 2 has been in development since 2014. And recently Naughty Dog is finally ready to show some gameplay. Looking at what they have shown so far it seems the gameplay is changing in a good way.

There is a new Dog sniffing system, where the dogs can catch your trails and scent, and they will try to get to you if you make even a slightest mistake. What they have shown seemed more like a stealthier gameplay. Also Joel is returning in the game which was recently unveiled. There is also a Workshop where Ellie is shown customising and reloading her weapon. Which seems very realistic approach to the scenario.

Check out the Gameplay they released along side the Release date of 2-21-20.

Check out more about it on the home page below. Also available for Pre-Order.

Unity 2019.2 Released 200 200 New_bluecreazione

Unity 2019.2 Released

New version of Unity has arrived. Check out all the new features it has to offer.

To name them few here are some of the features which we have been using from it.

  • Probuilder 4.0
  • Polybrush
  • Shader Graph with colour modes
  • 2d Animation tool
  • Burst Compiler
  • PhysX Cloth Library


Download Unity 3D 2019.2 Now

Nintendo Switch Lite Released 1024 614 New_bluecreazione

Nintendo Switch Lite Released

Nintendo Switch Lite has just been released at the GamesCon 2019. This small device is capable of playing all the new and old Nintendo games. All the games which ran on Nintendo Switch would run on this. Although this is only a Single player device. It feels like this device is a Gameboy of the next generation. Take your games anywhere with you and enjoy them to the fullest. If you are looking for an older Switch for multiplayer games well you can expect a discount on Nintendo Switch devices soon. To know more check it out on Nintendo’s official Site.

Blender 2.8 Released 728 336 New_bluecreazione

Blender 2.8 Released

Blender has released its new version 2.8 which is being loved by many designers all around the globe. Its new Interface has brought in many new animators and designers onboard. Below are some new features which Blender 2.8 has brought to table.

  • New User Interface
  • High End Viewport
  • Active Tools in tool bar
  • Workbench, Wireframes
  • Greace Pencil for full 2d Animation Tool Set
  • Organising
  • Real Time Rendering


Download Blender 2.8 Now