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School management system (Laravel)

While creating the School management project for “The Isaac’s Pre Primary”, I had
to keep in mind that the website would be parent’s oriented.
Having worked with Teacher’s of a very reputed Educational institute in Pune
for 3 long years, where our Company was supposed to craft Educational content
for students. This gave me the exposure and better understanding
about how a teacher works hard for better growth of children.
I also got to understand from a student’s perspective as we had to create
e-learning videos which should be to the point and easy to grasp.

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Laravel Website

Back to the website that I made . I have used front end responsive technologies for designing “the Isaac’s preprimary school” website pages in a more interactive way.

Data like Class name, Class time table , Syllabus , Events , Teacher list , Gallery photos are
fetched from database. A complete admission form has been given on the website.

This website is made in a very user friendly way for the Teachers, so that they can manage
data at one place The colors and images are kid-friendly and UI is made after lots of UX research
Keeping in mind, that the parents should also be aware of what activities are going on in the school,
the website has lots of details like weekly time-table, students syllabus, event information, and so on.

School management system - laravel, web development, web designing, laravel, fullstack

Web UI UX design

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You can also fill details on the contact page and we will get back to you.

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Testimonials from our Valuable Clients

“The Blue Creazione team are professional, responsive, and fun to work with. They are technically adept at what they do and have helped us build Gaming Applications we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. They have delivered consistently strong work for the past 2 years and we consider them as an extension of our internal team.”
– Atul Shashikumar, Co-founder & COO at ScaleReal


“We were extremely satisfied with Blue Creazione, and especially Parini. Parini helped with our wedding Save the Dates – she was able to creatively turn our vision into reality and patiently address our comments while we were making up our minds. Thank you Parini! ”
– Trisha Mitra

” Very happy and satisfied with the animated card created and given shape to, as per our visualisation. ”
– Sarbani MITRA

“Your games have such cool graphics and the characters are great and the story it amazing its great for all age groups. ”
– AyrissaBindu S

” Have downloaded some games for my toddler and he loves it! Keep up the good work . ”
– Angana Chatterjee

” Connected with Parini to develop an animation which needed creating characters from scratch. She did a great job and didn’t mind iterating multiple times till a reasonably good video was ready. ”
– Nilesh Agrawal, Moneyable Educare LLP

” We are very happy with the quality of services delivered by Blue Creazione team. We were looking to localize our corporate video in a very strict timeline. We got in touch with Parini. She was prompt in her response and ensured we were on same page. Entire project was executed smoothly with zero hiccups and that also well before time!
Great work ”
– Angana Banerjee, Marketing Manager, SourcePro Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Top Action Games To Play (Hidden Gems) 800 450 New_bluecreazione

Top Action Games To Play (Hidden Gems)

Action games are one of the most popular games on any platform. Thousands of action games are published on daily basis, so sometimes some excellent games goes through under the radar, and they don’t get the appreciation from the users that they deserve, that is why we have created this list specifically to target those games, hopefully these games will keep you busy for the whole year.

Our very much loved multiplayer fight game was recently reviewed on
The game is Full of action, with each character carrying unique fighting style and powers
We keep updating the game with new characters on our players requests.
You can play the game here on IOS, Android.

Sayonara Wild Hearts New_bluecreazione

Sayonara Wild Hearts

“For a mobile game this felt perfect. Although never quite felt like a mobile game while playing. It simply is amazing.” – Inquest.

When I first saw this game on Apple Event. It felt like just another endless runner. And honestly never really thought of playing it on my iPhone. But as Apple launched the new Apple Arcade. There were bunch of many games which looked great and made more sense than this ‘bit’. However looking at the preview video of Sayonara Wild Hearts, I felt like giving it a try just this one time for one day.

And so “the story begins” from the very first narration in the game I found myself in a whole new world of endless AWww! The game just took off and never stopped until I completed the first Level! The game didn’t even stop for loading. Also when the level completed it felt like Game was resting more than me! As literally my phone was on fire! Literally the performance(phone) was sweating to keep up with the beauty/graphics of the game.

Game and the music felt like they were made for each other. And on the other hand I am sure who ever was playing the game was having super fun.
Although I ranked Bronze and Silver On every level, I just wanted to see what the game had for me next. And never did I ever skipped the “bit”. Well the game will keep asking you if you wanted to skip the level “bit”. Truth be said I did do it the first time and then I super regretted it! And never did that again till the very end.

Levels in this game are really fun and complete. The game has 2d, 3d, 2.5d gameplays through out various levels. Which keeps this game very much connected to the players. The story narration also feels great till the very end. Mostly you will be filled with awesome music of the game ringing in your head till you finish the game and beyond!!

Sayonara wild hearts could be 1 game making you buy that Apple Arcade subscription. Just check out this whole and soul perfect game.
The game is available on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, PS4.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild New_bluecreazione

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

Game is a masterpiece, just so perfect to play on Nintendo Switch!


I have always looked up to Link as one of the strongest Anime character in games. All the earlier Zelda games have been super fun. They all have been unique in their own way. But this one takes the game to completely another level. It felt like Nintendo broke through their traditional shell of Puzzle oriented games to a whole new tradition of visually fantastically beautiful game. I came across this game along side Nintendo Switch. I am pretty much sure every Switch they sold has this Zelda game on it.

The reason I call it a masterpiece is because of the Top Quality graphics on a Hand Held gaming console. The graphics and the quality of shaders rival to all the major consoles like PS4 and XBox One. The graphics are just the right amount of cartoonish for every age group to feel the gameplay.

Downloadable Content

Gameplay is so fun that you will keep playing the game all day without feeling bored! So much to do in the open world that Nintendo created. The monsters are huge. Link looks like a real Hero every time he is fighting them. Story gives you a sense of eagerness and excitement to reach the end of it.

The most exciting thing in the whole game was the Bike which you get! It’s just so amazing to roam around the open world. And yes bike also run on fuel. So every time you use it you will be reminded to refuel.

A fan or not, if you are in for some serious gaming then definitely go for this game. Buy a Switch only to play this game! As of now you can also play it on Nintendo Switch Lite!

Official gameplay by Nintendo! Courtesy Nintendo
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance New_bluecreazione

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Sharp cutting edge game, worth remembering when it comes to Sword Combat!


After playing Metal Gear Solid : Guns of Patriot I was thrilled to check out this title from Konami. Although not fully produced by Kojima, the game felt like Metal Gear. I played this game later back in the days of PS3, 5 Years ago.

The graphics of the game felt similar to its earlier Predecessor. But the sword action just made the game feel really fast and super fun. Graphics looked really cool till the end. Every cinematic was well written and greatly designed and animated. Raiden was perfect Cyborg for this game.

Like I said the game is Sharp Cutting edge. That being said, it literally is a cutting edge game. You will feel like you were in the shoes of Raiden. Cutting through every possible enemies. Great Skills to unlock and learn. I feel I might have broken my controller because of this game. But who cares when its such a fun Hack and Slash Action.

There are many points in the game when Raiden enters a Slashing mode. In this mode you can literally cut through objects (Meshes) and see them fall apart in slow motion. Every Boss fight ends with Super Slashing. Just loved it.

Slash em up!

This game is for every Sword Combat enthusiast. While it’s still on PS3, and Steam we would suggest to try out this action game. I guess another version of this game won’t be coming around as Kojima has left Konami. And Metal Gear Solid games has now turned their attention towards Zombies!!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance gameplay by TheRadBrad
WWE 2K19 REVIEW New_bluecreazione


I have been Watching WWE since my childhood and after that playing WWE game on PS4 is such a wonderful experience and it recalls all my childhood memories with WWE and all the WWE superstars.


Playing WWE 2k19 is like you are watching a WWE on Television, in other words this game is so realistic and Simulation of WWE superstars are awesome.

The main highlight of 2k19 is the career mode in which the story begins with the selection of wrestler in WWE, till he/she becomes WWE champion. and all the locker room discussions between wrestlers and the backstage fights are the new showcase and main highlights of 2k19.

As compared to 2k18,improvement in 2k19 is more and game become more realistic but 2k19 still has some issue like identifying the wrestler in gameplay mode and direction of wrestlers won’t change while playing and game hangs more while playing Royal rumble match , ladder match. Also sometimes camera angle during gameplay is struck.

But still WWE 2k19 is the best game so far and i hope bugs and issues while playing 2k19 will be resolve in the next edition of WWE game.i.e 2k20 which is recently released.

Check out Austin Creed play his Career in WWE2k19!