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August 2019

Adobe @ Blue Creazione New_bluecreazione

Adobe @ Blue Creazione

When you are designing something, there is always a scope of improvement. Its not that you are not good at it. That actually means that you are learning something new each and every time

“Have no fear of perfection — you’ll never reach it. ” Salvador Dali, artist

Art and Animation that go hand in hand are supported by ultimate softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects . Where in Illustrator , you can use the puppet wrap tool to create animations, in AE you have the puppet tool . Photoshop is best for shading and art and gifs and what not.

At Blue Creazione, we use Photoshop and the famous Wacom Tablet to Design characters, Levels and Icons for games. From UI Designing to App Icons , we use photoshop for our day to day designing.

For our latest game, we have designed all the stages in Photoshop

Unity 2019.2 Released 200 200 New_bluecreazione

Unity 2019.2 Released

New version of Unity has arrived. Check out all the new features it has to offer.

To name them few here are some of the features which we have been using from it.

  • Probuilder 4.0
  • Polybrush
  • Shader Graph with colour modes
  • 2d Animation tool
  • Burst Compiler
  • PhysX Cloth Library


Download Unity 3D 2019.2 Now

Nintendo Switch Lite Released 1024 614 New_bluecreazione

Nintendo Switch Lite Released

Nintendo Switch Lite has just been released at the GamesCon 2019. This small device is capable of playing all the new and old Nintendo games. All the games which ran on Nintendo Switch would run on this. Although this is only a Single player device. It feels like this device is a Gameboy of the next generation. Take your games anywhere with you and enjoy them to the fullest. If you are looking for an older Switch for multiplayer games well you can expect a discount on Nintendo Switch devices soon. To know more check it out on Nintendo’s official Site.

Blender 2.8 Released 728 336 New_bluecreazione

Blender 2.8 Released

Blender has released its new version 2.8 which is being loved by many designers all around the globe. Its new Interface has brought in many new animators and designers onboard. Below are some new features which Blender 2.8 has brought to table.

  • New User Interface
  • High End Viewport
  • Active Tools in tool bar
  • Workbench, Wireframes
  • Greace Pencil for full 2d Animation Tool Set
  • Organising
  • Real Time Rendering


Download Blender 2.8 Now

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance New_bluecreazione

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Sharp cutting edge game, worth remembering when it comes to Sword Combat!


After playing Metal Gear Solid : Guns of Patriot I was thrilled to check out this title from Konami. Although not fully produced by Kojima, the game felt like Metal Gear. I played this game later back in the days of PS3, 5 Years ago.

The graphics of the game felt similar to its earlier Predecessor. But the sword action just made the game feel really fast and super fun. Graphics looked really cool till the end. Every cinematic was well written and greatly designed and animated. Raiden was perfect Cyborg for this game.

Like I said the game is Sharp Cutting edge. That being said, it literally is a cutting edge game. You will feel like you were in the shoes of Raiden. Cutting through every possible enemies. Great Skills to unlock and learn. I feel I might have broken my controller because of this game. But who cares when its such a fun Hack and Slash Action.

There are many points in the game when Raiden enters a Slashing mode. In this mode you can literally cut through objects (Meshes) and see them fall apart in slow motion. Every Boss fight ends with Super Slashing. Just loved it.

Slash em up!

This game is for every Sword Combat enthusiast. While it’s still on PS3, and Steam we would suggest to try out this action game. I guess another version of this game won’t be coming around as Kojima has left Konami. And Metal Gear Solid games has now turned their attention towards Zombies!!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance gameplay by TheRadBrad
WWE 2K19 REVIEW New_bluecreazione


I have been Watching WWE since my childhood and after that playing WWE game on PS4 is such a wonderful experience and it recalls all my childhood memories with WWE and all the WWE superstars.


Playing WWE 2k19 is like you are watching a WWE on Television, in other words this game is so realistic and Simulation of WWE superstars are awesome.

The main highlight of 2k19 is the career mode in which the story begins with the selection of wrestler in WWE, till he/she becomes WWE champion. and all the locker room discussions between wrestlers and the backstage fights are the new showcase and main highlights of 2k19.

As compared to 2k18,improvement in 2k19 is more and game become more realistic but 2k19 still has some issue like identifying the wrestler in gameplay mode and direction of wrestlers won’t change while playing and game hangs more while playing Royal rumble match , ladder match. Also sometimes camera angle during gameplay is struck.

But still WWE 2k19 is the best game so far and i hope bugs and issues while playing 2k19 will be resolve in the next edition of WWE game.i.e 2k20 which is recently released.

Check out Austin Creed play his Career in WWE2k19!
Technologies 150 150 New_bluecreazione


Our team excel in all the above shown technologies.

Recent Releases 1024 642 New_bluecreazione

Recent Releases

Some snapshots of our recently released games and other work.

PHP 7.3 + MYSQL 8 CONNECTION 150 150 New_bluecreazione


PHP 7.3 + Mysql 8 Connection Issues?

The only way is the create a new MySQL user with the authentication type as “Standard” and not Caching_SHA2_Password .

Contact us for technical assistance at

Running PHP 7.3 with MySQL 8 150 150 New_bluecreazione

Running PHP 7.3 with MySQL 8

PHP 7.3 + Mysql 8 Connection issue?

This blog is going to be a small one. But it will definitely fix the issue which many of us are facing. First thing is you would require MySQL WorkBench. Download it for free from MySQL website. Make sure you download the workbench 8 for the MySQL 8. Once that is done, considering you already have MySQL 8 installed on your server, I will let you know how to fix the mysqliconnect.

Main issue is the Authentication type of the MySQL User. By Default when you use Root or create a user in MySQL 8 it will set your password of the type caching_sha2_password. So instead of going to change this type for the current users, we will create new Users.

Open MySQL Workbench 8. Connect your MySQL 8 with the root or already defined password. Workbench should work with the caching_sha2_password. So you can login using that. Once you are done with that.

Under the “Administration” tab look for “Users and Privileges”. This option will give you freedom to add or edit current users. However we can’t change the Authentication type of users which are already set. So we create a new User with new details. But setting the Authentication Type to Standard. That’s it then you should be able to connect using the MySqliconnect in PHP 7.3 . Other then this inside your Workbench you can give the user permissions like Schema Privileges.

That’s it. So bottom line is create a new user in Mysql 8 with authentication type “Standard” and you can connect to it. Ofcourse if you guys know the Command line approach to create user, you can do that as well.