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October 2019

Cocos2dx error argument value 10880 fix 1024 450 New_bluecreazione

Cocos2dx error argument value 10880 fix

There has been a strange Xcode error which has been causing lot of issues lately. Here is a fix to that.

When building your Xcode project for Cocos2dx, you would encounter an error which would say “Argument value 10880 is outside the valid range [0, 255] btVector3.h“. Till Cocos2dx team fixes this issue in their next update after 3.17.2, here is a quick fix.

Find the below Line in the btVector3.h file,

#define BT_SHUFFLE(x,y,z,w) ((w)<<6 | (z)<<4 | (y)<<2 | (x))

Replace the above line with below line,

#define BT_SHUFFLE(x, y, z, w) (((w) << 6 | (z) << 4 | (y) << 2 | (x)) & 0xff)

That’s it, this should temporarily fix the issue.

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Dragon Kombat’s new update New_bluecreazione

Dragon Kombat’s new update

It has been quiet a few months since we last updated our game Dragon Kombat. We have been exploring many options to improve the performance of the game Along side adding more depth to our graphics.

With the Dragon Little Fighters 2 in development we came across various techniques to improve not just the quality but the over all performance of the game as well. For Android we were able to crunch upto 75MB build size from approx 95MB. Giving less Ram utilisation and space saving for users. For iOS devices we could now achieve 60fps on our game.

To know more about this exciting game check out the game on IOS, Android, MacOS and Web.

Dragon Kombat online game 490 306 New_bluecreazione

Dragon Kombat online game

Game will start automatically. It’s approximate 100MB big.

Play Full Screen
Dragon Kombat

Experience over-the-top arcade fighting of Dragon Kombat!
We bring the power of arcade fight game to mobile device with similar controls and actions. This game could also be installed on your Mobile devices. For mobile download game from IOS App Store and Android Google Play.