Dragon Little Fighters 2

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Dragon Little Fighters 2

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Dragon Little Fighters 2 is Remake of our 2d classic game. This is a comic style story telling action adventure game. You can play along side friends by connecting Joystick to your iPhone, iPad. Unlock more fighters along the way. Dragon little fighters will always be a fantasy fight game. 

Little bit about the game. Krio and his friends were having a peaceful day in their calm and relatively quiet village of Evergreen. However, destiny had something else in mind for them. Krio, Donni, Jon and Tia are separated in this adventure story by some mysterious evil forces. Krio, the main Kung Fu battle hero who initially seemed to be a very simple boy was left behind since nobody thought he could pose any real danger and left him to be alone. Its up to you help Krio discover the powers hidden inside him to fight superhero style and help save his companions in the underlying anime story.

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The heroes will have to do their best to beat these monsters in the Magical land of Allura, where enemies possess powerful magic spells. Unaware of their hidden powers, the superheroes come face to face with their foes. Would you lead them to victory, or leave them to succumb?

Play with Strategy and command your team as well just like the first game.