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Embracing the Digital Shift: The Transformative Benefits of E-Learning

Embracing the Digital Shift: The Transformative Benefits of E-Learning 1024 669 Parini Vyas

E-learning that was limited to students once has expanded to a great level after covid. While E –…

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The Art of Frame by Frame Animation

The Art of Frame by Frame Animation 600 338 Parini Vyas

When I hear the word Animation, first thing that comes to my mind is keyframes. . The mastery…

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Realtime Whiteboard game

Realtime Whiteboard game 1024 602 Parini Vyas

Some Cutouts, A Whiteboard  &  a Role based Multiplayer Game This has to be the best project so far in terms of quality, and the challenge it carried. Gamifying a multiplayer role based cutout game…

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Is Multitasking worth it ?!

Is Multitasking worth it ?! 1024 603 Parini Vyas

I have been watching lots of videos on Youtube where creators keep mentioning about how multitasking can make…

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Whiteboard Multiplayer Web Game

Whiteboard Multiplayer Web Game 1024 576 Parini Vyas

Today I am writing about the digital experience that mirrors our company’s transformative journey where every idea initiates…

School management system (Laravel)

School management system (Laravel) 822 834 New_bluecreazione

laravel website web design school While creating the School management project for “The Isaac’s Pre Primary”, I had to keep…

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Low Poly Environment in Maya 3d

Low Poly Environment in Maya 3d 960 540 Parini Vyas

Low Poly Environment – Conceptual The most challenging part of making a 3d game or environment is the…

iBloomVR for Autism coming soon on Google Play

iBloomVR for Autism coming soon on Google Play 1024 640 New_bluecreazione

  After a long 1.5 Years of development and designing we are proud to bring you iBloomVR, the…

Testimonials from our Valuable Clients

Testimonials from our Valuable Clients 490 306 New_bluecreazione

“The Blue Creazione team are professional, responsive, and fun to work with. They are technically adept at what…

Fruit Slashing Ninja

Fruit Slashing Ninja 490 306 New_bluecreazione

Come join the Ninja as he steps in his dream world of Fruits and traps. Neo the cool…

Dragon Kombat

Dragon Kombat 490 306 New_bluecreazione

Experience over-the-top arcade fighting with EXCITING ACTION AND ADVENTURE! Super elite warriors of Dragon Kombat Warriors of Dragon…

Dragon Little Fighters 2

Dragon Little Fighters 2 1024 473 New_bluecreazione

Dragon Little Fighters 2 is Remake of our 2d classic game. This is a comic style story telling…

Top Action Games To Play (Hidden Gems)

Top Action Games To Play (Hidden Gems) 800 450 New_bluecreazione

Action games are one of the most popular games on any platform. Thousands of action games are published…

Dragon Little Fighter 2

Dragon Little Fighter 2 1024 450 New_bluecreazione

  Blue Creazione has finally released its new Anime Action RPG game. We are Thrilled to announce its…

NPOT to POT Texture Converter

NPOT to POT Texture Converter 1024 450 New_bluecreazione

We had a lot of trouble creating POT textures from the very start of the project in Unity.…