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I come across the Jenkins when i worked on Selenium webdriver(Test Automation tool) and i am looking for tool which provides continuous integration and continuous deployment tool and i heard about jenkins,and after learning about it, I come to know that Jenkins is the best tool for CI/CD integration and it can be used while developing the software,you can use it for testing continuous project builds and logs the error and Jenkins is mainly used for building,testing and deploying the software.

There are soo many features of Jenkins, Some of them are as follows.

  1. Jenkins is open source and free and it is entirely written in java.
  2. It supports various plugins and user can also install the external plugins in the plugin section of jenkins.
  3. Jenkins can be integrate with most of the build and testing tools like Selenium,Maven.GIT.
  4. IT is very ease to use and most of the functionality are present in the dashboard itself.
  5. IT is server based tool and it works on Apache tomcat server and installation process of jenkins is also very easy.

The current version of Jenkins is 2.176 and version i used earlier was 2.138.

As my point of view, Jenkins is widely used build and release tool and most of the companies are using this tool for continuous integration/continouos deployment and i would recommend this tool for whom, who wants to test continuous build of the software and want to resolve the error in the early stage of development and after successive build and test,it can also be used for deployment of software.

Since Jenkins have so many important features as i discussed above but there are some negative points which are as below.

  1. Tracking and accountability problems with the pushed code from Git.
  2. Jenkins doesn’t provide any analytics (there are plugins but they are not enough) on the end-to-end deployment cycle. 

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